Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

Our principals and key consultants are Bankers and corporate finance practitioners with practical experience handling complex Banking transactions as well as Mergers and acquisitions.

This offering targets Banks, Microfinance institutions, SACCOs, DFIs and other Financial Institution and includes, inter alia:-

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Risk management Strategy development
  • Risk reviews (including compliance with regulatory frameworks)
  • Joint Ventures and M&A Advisory
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Independent Business Reviews
  • Supply Chain Finance strategy development and implementation
  • Training of staff at all levels

Highlights of recent engagements

  1. ARMA carried out a feasibility study and subsequently developed an implementation business plan that facilitated migration of the function of higher education finance from the Ministry of Education to the Development Bank of Rwanda. The Business plan included, inter alia, development of products, a 20-year cashflow model showing financial sustainability, a standardized assessment criteria, a governance structure, collections and risk mitigation strategy.
  2. ARMA developed a Strategic and Business Plan for setting up an agriculture-only Non-Bank Financial Institution.The ARMA Team facilitated the development of the Vision/Mission and Core Values; a Review of the Kenyan Business Environment and implications on key macro indicators; a thorough review of the Agri-Finance market in Kenya; Business Modelling and Market Strategy; Product Offerings; Organization and Governance; Risk Assessment; Funding Needs and Strategy; and Financial Projections and analysis

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