Risk Management Advisory Services

Risk Management Advisory Services

We understand that every organization is exposed to uncertainties that impinge on its ability to achieve its objectives.

We work with organizations to establish a risk policies and governance framework that ensures that risks are proactively managed to tolerable levels. Our core objective is to help our clients develop structure, agility and resilience to achieve their strategic objectives in an ever unpredictable operating environment.

The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought to the fore the need for such robust strategies that create value while enhancing organizational resilience.

Our interventions cover diverse areas including, but not limited to:-

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Culture
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management and Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity Management

Our interventions include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing an organization’s risk policy and framework
  • GAP Analysis between current risk management practices and best practice
  • Risk Culture Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Reviews and remediation
  • Facilitating strategic Risk Assessment workshops
  • Training staff at all levels

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